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Russian troops dismantle Finnish anti-tank defences near Teriiolii in Karelia during December 1939.
Scandinavia! - The Most Complete World War 2 Timeline Available
01/09/1939 Norway's King Haakon VI proclaims the neutrality of his country. Finland declares strict neutrality. Denmark issues a declaration of neutrality.
02/09/1939 Sweden issues a declaration of neutrality. German Ministers at Stockholm, Sweden, and Oslo, Norway, give a declaration that Germany would respect the integrity of Sweden and Norway. - The Most Complete World War 2 Timeline Available
11/10/1939 The Soviet Union and Finland begin negotiations concerning the establishment of Soviet air bases on Finnish soil. The Soviet Union also requires Finland to cede territory around lake Ladoga and the Gulf of Finland, plus the Petsamo area in northern Finland. In return the Soviet Union offers to give Finland a chunk of desolate land in central Karelia. The Finns reject the Soviet demands fearing that to accept will only encourage further Soviet demands. - The Most Complete World War 2 Timeline Available
12/11/1939 Negotiations between Russia and Finland over territorial dispute reach deadlock.
30/11/1939 After breaking off diplomatic relations, the Soviet Union attacks Finland by land and air without declaring war. During the Red Air Forces first raid on the Helsinki, only 91 civilian's are killed due the capitals excellent air defence system. Stalin alleges provocation. - The Most Complete World War 2 Timeline Available
01/12/1939 The Soviet Union create a puppet Finnish government in Moscow under the leadership of a Finnish communist, Otto Kuusinen, who immediately accedes to the Soviets territorial demands. A Finnish coastal guns at Russarö engage the Russian cruiser Kirov and its screen of destroyers. The Kirov and one destroyer damaged.
02/12/1939 Russian troops capture Petsamo in the extreme north of the Finland.
03/12/1939 Finnish troops withdraw in good order towards the Mannerheim line defensive position.
05/12/1939 Heavy fighting in Karelia, Finland.
06/12/1939 Soviet attacks against the Mannerheim line are beaten back by the Finns with heavy Red Army casualties.
07/12/1939 Norway, Denmark and Sweden declare their neutrality. The Soviet Ninth Army launches an offensive in central Karelia. Britain and France agree to send troops and material to help Finland fight against the Soviet Union. However, there is virtually no way to get these forces to Finland and so the promises mean little.
12/12/1939 Finnish have some success against Russian troops at Tolvajärvi, inflicting heavy casualties.
14/12/1939 Two Russian 'G'-class destroyers approach Utö fortress. The fortress opens fire sinking one of the destroyers.
15/12/1939 The Russians launch heavy attacks against Finnish forces at Taipale.
17/12/1939 Russian forces launch heavy attacks at Summa.
18/12/1939 The Finnish 40th Infantry Regiment of the Lapland Group, forces the Russian 273rd Infantry Regiment of the 9th Army to retreat at Pelkosenniemi.
19/12/1939 The Russians lose 20 tanks out of 100 as they continue to attack at Summa.
20/12/1939 The Russians cease their attacks at Summa, leaving Finnish forces in control of the whole Mannerheim defensive line, except the Oinala Bulge.
25/12/1939 A fresh Russian division is thrown into the attacks at Taipale. The Russian airforce bombs 11 towns and villages.
27/12/1939 The Finnish 9th Division attacks towards Suomussalmi, recapturing the village and forcing the Russian 163rd Division to retreat in panic.
29/12/1939 Finnish forces launch a successful counter attack to the North of Lake Ladoga.
30/12/1939 Finnish troops at Suomussalmi, completely destroy the Russian 163rd Infantry Division.

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