German fighter aircraft sit idle in late 1939, during a period known as the 'Phoney war'.
European Air War! - The Most Complete World War 2 Timeline Available
03/09/1939 An RAF Blenheim bomber of 139 Squadron conducts the RAF's first operational sortie of the war when it flew over to Germany to check shipping in the Schillig Roads. With a frozen radio, it was unable to transmit any information back to base and by the time it landed it was too late to mount an attack that day. Later that night, Whitley bombers conduct an number of leaflet dropping sorties over Germany.
04/09/1939 The RAF attacks German shipping at Wilhelmshaven, Cuxhaven and Schillig Roads, with negligible results (7 out of 30 Wellington bombers are shot down by German fighters and Anti-Aircraft). - The Most Complete World War 2 Timeline Available
08/10/1939 RAF reconnaissance planes shoots down a German flying boat over the North Sea.
16/10/1939 German bombers attack Forth and Rosyth bridges. - The Most Complete World War 2 Timeline Available
06/11/1939 First big air battle on Western Front.
13/11/1939 German bombers attacked British territory for the first time, with a bombing raid on the Shetland Islands. No serious damage was done.
23/11/1939 RAF shoots down seven German aircraft over France. - The Most Complete World War 2 Timeline Available
18/12/1939 The RAF launch another daylight raid against German shipping in the Schillig Roads, but lose 12 out of 24 bombers. This was the culmination of a series of RAF daylight raids which had cost an increasing number of aircraft. This eventually caused the RAF to switch to night raids to reduce casualties.
26/12/1939 The first squadron of Australian airmen arrives in Britain.

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