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It took only a few days to repair Schweinfurt railway station, after the unsuccessful American raid against the city.
European Air War! - The Most Complete World War 2 Timeline Available
20/01/1943 Daylight raid by the Luftwaffe hits a school in London, killing 44 children and one teacher.
27/01/1943 The USAAF makes its first raid on Germany with a force of B-17’s and B-24’s hitting Emden and Wilhelmshaven in daylight.
29/01/1943 The Nazi party's 10th Anniversary celebrations are disrupted by the RAF's first low-level daylight Mosquito air attack on Berlin.
31/01/1943 RAF Bomber Command makes first operational use of H2S radar. - The Most Complete World War 2 Timeline Available - The Most Complete World War 2 Timeline Available
03/03/1943 173 Londoners are killed in panic crush at Bethnal Green tube station when a new AA weapon noise is heard for the first time.
05/03/1943 Bomber Command report the ‘first effective attack on Essen’ due primarily to the use of a new navigational aid ‘Oboe’. The ‘Battle of the Ruhr’ begins. - The Most Complete World War 2 Timeline Available - The Most Complete World War 2 Timeline Available
14/05/1943 The U.S. 8th Air Force attacks Kiel with 125 aircraft.
16/05/1943 Wing Commander Guy Gibson leads the ‘Dambusters’ night attack by 19 aircraft against the Ruhr dams, during which ‘bouncing bombs’ breach the Mohne and Eder Dams causing severe flooding and loss of civilian life in the Ruhr valley below them, but doing little damage to the industrial installations. Gibson is later awarded the Victoria Cross.
17/05/1943 The Luftwaffe carries out a night raid involving 89 aircraft against Cardiff in Wales.
23/05/1943 The heaviest RAF raid of war to date is made against Dortmund, during which 2,000 tons of explosives are dropped.
24/05/1943 ‘Bomber Harris’ congratulates RAF Bomber Command for passing the 100,000 ton mark in raids against Germany.
28/05/1943 The U.S. 15th Air Force attacks Italian oil refineries at Livorno.
29/05/1943 The RAF launches a major raid (719 bombers) against Wuppertal, dropping 1,900 tons of bombs and killing 2,450 civilians and claim that half of Wuppertal has been ‘wiped off the map’.
30/05/1943 20 children killed when bomb hits Torquay church.
31/05/1943 The U.S. 15th Air Force bombs German and Italian airfields at Foggia, destroying many aircraft on the ground. - The Most Complete World War 2 Timeline Available
01/06/1943 The allied 2nd Tactical Air Force is formed in UK.
10/06/1943 A co-ordinated air offensive is begun, with the US 8th Air Force, flying precision bombing missions by day and RAF Bomber Command, flying area saturation missions by night, against major German cities.
11/06/1943 The US 8th Air Force raids the German naval base at Wilhelmshaven (200 B-17s), while the RAF attacks Münster and Düsseldorf.
12/06/1943 The RAF launches a heavy raid on Bochum in the Ruhr. The Luftwaffe carries out a night attack against Plymouth.
13/06/1943 Night fighter ace Wing Commander John Cunningham, brings down his 16th victim over southern England.
19/06/1943 RAF carries out a raid on the Schneider armaments works at Le Creusot.
20/06/1943 The RAF institutes ‘shuttle bombing’ runs, with planes leaving England, bombing Germany, reloading in North Africa, bombing Italy and the returning to England begin, with 60 RAF bombers attacking the radar works at Friedrichshafen.
21/06/1943 The RAF launches a heavy raid on Krefeld in the Ruhr, but lose 44 aircraft.
24/06/1943 The RAF conducts a heavy raid on Elberfeld in the Ruhr.
28/06/1943 Cologne Cathedral is badly damaged in a raid.
30/06/1943 The British publish aircraft losses incurred to date, with Axis losses of 18,031 aircraft and RAF losses of 9,906 aircraft. - The Most Complete World War 2 Timeline Available
02/07/1943 U.S. Fifteenth Air Force, raids three airfields in southern Italy.
03/07/1943 The RAF carries out a heavy night raid on Cologne, causing considerable damage and killing hundreds of civilians.
09/07/1943 At least 12 die as a German hit and run bomber hits East Grinstead cinema during an afternoon performance.
18/07/1943 The Germans say Cologne is in a state of chaos after allied raids.
19/07/1943 USAAF planes bomb Rome for the first time, with Basilica at San Lorenzo wrecked.
24/07/1943 Operation 'Gomorrah' takes place when 746 RAF bombers drop 2,300 tons of bombs on Hamburg in 48 minutes, during which only 12 aircraft are lost. This tonnage is as much as Germans dropped in the five heaviest raids on London. Fires are visible for 200 miles. This is the first operational use of ‘Window’, (radar-jamming foil strips dropped by aircraft).
25/07/1943 German radio says that Hamburg is still burning (8am), leaving 100,000 homeless. The USAAF bomb the city again in daylight. The allies blitz Essen with 2,000 tons of bombs being dropped.
28/07/1943 The second mass raid on Hamburg by 722 RAF bombers results in nine square miles of city being set alight.
29/07/1943 The mass evacuation of a million civilians from Hamburg is ordered after the recent heavy bombings.
30/07/1943 Hamburg is bombed for a third time. - The Most Complete World War 2 Timeline Available
01/08/1943 The USAAF loses 54 B24s out of 178 in a disastrous raid (the longest yet attempted) on the Ploiesti oil fields in Romania while inflicting only superficial damage.
02/08/1943 The ninth attack on Hamburg in eight days. More bombs have now been dropped on Hamburg than on London during the whole of the Blitz. Estimated 50.000 killed, equal to Britain’s entire civilian losses by bombing in the war so far.
06/08/1943 A partial evacuation of Berlin is announced in order to avoid another Hamburg.
12/08/1943 The Heaviest RAF attack so far on northern Italy, with more than 1,000 tons dropped on Milan in under 30 minutes.
15/08/1943 Portsmouth has heaviest raid for two years when its bombed by 91 German planes.
17/08/1943 597 RAF bombers attack Peenemunde on the Baltic coast, the birthplace of the ‘V’ weapons. 376 B-17's and B-24's of the US 8th Air Force carry out double raids against the ball-bearing plants at Schweinfurt and the Messerschmitt fighter works at Regensburg, losing 80 aircraft in the process.
18/08/1943 570 RAF bombers attack the V-1 and V-2 missile development facility at Peenemunde, to catastrophic effect.
19/08/1943 Luftwaffe Chief of Staff, Colonel General Jesehonnek shoots himself.
23/08/1943 The heaviest raid to date on Berlin, when 727 RAF bombers drop more than 1,700 tons of bombs on the City.
24/08/1943 A blanket of smoke covers Berlin to a height of 20,000ft. The first estimates put German dead at 5,860 after last night’s raid.
25/08/1943 140 Allied fighters and 136 bombers strafe and bomb the airfield at Foggia, as part of the preparations for the invasion of the Italian mainland. Many axis aircraft are destroyed in these raids.
30/08/1943 An air battle between 44 USAAF P-38s and 75 Luftwaffe fighters commences above Italy. The the P-38s were escorting a large formation of B-26s on their way to bomb marshalling yards at Aversa. The Americans lose 13 aircraft and shoot down 9 Axis aircraft, thus allowing the B-26s to make an unmolested bombing run to their target, where they cause extreme damage without loss.
31/08/1943 The RAF again pound Berlin (over 600 bombers) with more than 1,000 tons dropped, killing about 5,000 civilian's. - The Most Complete World War 2 Timeline Available
07/09/1943 The RAF bomb V1 (flying bomb) launch sites on the North French coastline.
16/09/1943 The Dambuster squadron makes a disastrous first use of 12,000lb ‘Tall Boy’ bombs with a raid on the Dortmund-Ems canal.
19/09/1943 British Air Ministry says that Hamburg now lies in absolute ruins and is ‘probably the most complete blotting out of a city that ever happened.’ - The Most Complete World War 2 Timeline Available
02/10/1943 The RAF launches a very heavy air raid on Munich, which lasts 25 minutes.
07/10/1943 The RAF bombs Stuttgart making use of the Airborne 'Cigar' jamming device, killing 1,700 and making 18,000 homeless.
14/10/1943 The US 8th Air Force delivers a heavy attack against the ball bearing plants at Schweinfurt. However, of the original force of 291 B-17's, 198 are either shot down or damaged beyond repair, while the Luftwaffe has lost only about 40 fighter planes.
22/10/1943 Operation 'Corona' (the jamming of German night-fighter communications) begins during an RAF raid on Kassel.
26/10/1943 The RAF launches a heavy night raid against Stuttgart, while the US 8th Air Force, in its greatest effort to date, delivers a devastating daylight attack on Bremen. - The Most Complete World War 2 Timeline Available
03/11/1943 The USAAF launch a 400-bomber daylight raid on Wilhelmshaven with 600-fighter escort. At night the RAF drop over 2,000 tons of bombs on Düsseldorf in 27 minutes.
18/11/1943 The RAF begin the ‘battle of Berlin’ with 700 tons dropped. Other areas also pounded in the biggest RAF operation so far.
22/11/1943 The RAF give Berlin the worst pounding so far, with more than 2,300 tons of bombs dropped in less than 30 minutes for the loss of just 26 planes.
23/11/1943 Berlin hit again by the RAF, making it the worst bombed city in Germany with 12,000 tons dropped on it this year alone.
24/11/1943 Berlin reported as a ‘sea of flames’ this morning with casualty estimates put at between 8-10,000 killed.
26/11/1943 The largest USAAF raid so far on Bremen. A fifth consecutive night raid on Berlin by RAF. - The Most Complete World War 2 Timeline Available
02/12/1943 Allied bombers resume the 'battle of Berlin' dropping 1,500 tons, but losing 41 aircraft. A Luftwaffe raid against the Allied naval base at Bari in Italy, hits an ammunition ship which explodes, sinking 17 other ships.
03/12/1943 The RAF conduct a heavy attack against Leipzig killing 1,500 and making 40,000 homeless.
08/12/1943 Lieutenant General Carl Spaatz becomes the chief of U.S. strategic air forces in Europe.
11/12/1943 A heavy USAAF raid on Emden kills 1,000 and makes 12,000 homeless.
16/12/1943 A further blitz of Berlin brings the allied total to 18,500 tons of explosive dropped on the city.
20/12/1943 The heaviest raid of war on Frankfurt with more than 2,000 tons dropped by RAF. Mosquito raiders follow half an hour later to hamper the fire fighters efforts.
29/12/1943 The Eighth 2,000-ton air raid is flown against Berlin by the RAF on the third anniversary of the fire bombing of London.

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